New line / Line break in expression of SSRS

Hi, =First(Fields!CompanyAddress.Value, “EcomPackingSlipTmp”) & vbcrlf &First(Fields!CompanyURL.Value, “EcomPackingSlipTmp”) & vbcrlf &First(Fields!CompanyPhone.Value, “EcomPackingSlipTmp”) Regards,

Make a group by in SSRS

Hi, Sample, here I have Amount values that is sum(Amount) all the sales Order, but I need the group by Sales Id. below expresion works for me when I add this filed group by in that particular tablix. =Sum(CDbl(Fields!Amount.Value)) Regards,

How to achieve alerts for child tables in D365

Hi, Microsoft D365 doesn’t support alert handling for child tables when there is a parent table in a form. We can do a work around to handle this by using the sysTableBrowser URL for the particular table which is not listed in any form. Regards,

How to run a job in D365

Hi, This is not similar to AX 2012, we needs to invoke it like how we are opening the table browser. 1. Create a item as Runnable class,2. Add your business Logic codes in main method().3. Call the below URL with your instance URL and Class name. https://<instanceURL>/?mi=SysClassRunner&cls=YYYNumberSeqLoad&cmp=YYY https://URL/?mi=SysClassRunner&cls=EcomPurchOrderEDI&cmpECOP&cmp=ECOP Regards

Job to list all the fields in particular table in D365

Hi, class AlfasithTableFieldList{           /// <summary>    /// Runs the class with the specified arguments.    /// </summary>    /// <param name = “_args”>The specified arguments.</param>    public static void main(Args _args)    {         TableName           tableName = ‘SalesTable’;        SysModelElement     sysModelElementTables;  […]

Deploy all the report in CMD for D365

Hi, 1. Run the powershell command prompt as administrator.2. Paste the code for specific my sample is PurchPurchaseOrder.Report K:AosServicePackagesLocalDirectoryPluginsAxReportVmRoleStartupTaskDeployAllReportsToSSRS.ps1 -Module ApplicationSuite -ReportName PurchPurchaeOrder.Report -PackageInstallLocation “K:AosServicePackagesLocalDirectory” 3. To deploy all the reports.K:AosServicePackagesLocalDirectoryPluginsAxReportVmRoleStartupTaskDeployAllReportsToSSRS.ps1 -PackageInstallLocation “K:AosServicePackagesLocalDirectory” Regards,

W3WP process attaching issues / debugger not enabled in D365

When ever you find w3wp process attaching issues or multiple times of w3wp process 1. Please check do local service w3c loading service is running. 2.  Please do check Load symbol for items in the solution. D365 > Option 3. Restart the IIS. Hope your issue will get resolved. Conformation: Thanks,

Relation between ProjPostTransView and PurchOrder

Hi Add the ProjTransId in to that view from ProjItemTrans. display PurchId PurchId(){    PurchLine       PurchLine;    ProjItemTransView   projItemTransView;    InventTransOrigin       inventTransOrigin;    ProjItemTrans           projItemTrans;    ;    if(this.ProjTransId)    {        select projItemTrans where projItemTrans.ProjTransId == this.ProjTransId;        select PurchLine where PurchLine.ProjTransId […]

Get purchase Lines Sales tax in AX 2012

    TaxJournalTrans      taxJournal;     select SourceTaxAmountCur,TaxAmount from taxJournal where taxJournal.TransRecId  == vendPurchOrderJour.RecId                        &&  taxJournal.TransTableId     == tableNum(vendPurchOrderJour)                        &&  taxJournal.InventTransId    == purchLineAllVersions.InventTransId;    if(vendFormletterParameters.TaxSpecPrintLevel == TaxSpecPrintLevel::Currency)    {    […]

Depley packages from DEV to SAT in D365

Hi, 1. Create a package by the model that you extended. Save to particular location (30-50 mins). 2. Log in to LCS. Select shared asset library. 3  Select Software deployment packages. 4. Add  by select the + and upload the packages and publish. You will notify 2 packages for what you created. 5. Select the […]

Code to clear the cache value / Last used values in SSRS through controller class in AX 2012

Hi, public static void main(Args _args){    SrsReportRunController controller  = DASPaymentVoucherController::construct();    controller.parmArgs(_args);    switch(_args.menuItemName())    {        case menuitemOutputStr(DASReceiptVoucherReport):        controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(DASPaymentVoucher, ReceiptReport));        break;        case menuitemOutputStr(DASPaymentVoucherReport):        controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(DASPaymentVoucher, Report));        break;        case menuitemOutputStr(DASPettyCashVoucherReport):        controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(DASPaymentVoucher, PettyCashReport));  […]

Get the values from ProjProposalTotal forms in AX 2012

Hi, static void Job83(Args _args){  ProjProposalTotals      ProjProposalTotals;    container               taxCal;    AmountCur               taxAmount;        ProjProposalJour projProposalJour = ProjProposalJour::find(‘PROP-0019’);         ProjProposalTotals  = new  ProjProposalTotals(projProposalJour);        ProjProposalTotals.calc(); taxCal = ProjProposalTotals::displayFieldsServer(projProposalJour.RecId);        taxAmount = conPeek(taxCal, […]

Get cost to complete, Cost at complete in Project WBS in AX 2012

static void AlfasithProjWBSCost(Args _args){    hierarchyTreeTable          hierarchyTreeTablePre;    smmActivities               smmActivitiesPre;    psaActivitySetup            psaActivitySetupPre;    ProjWBSUpdateController     controller;    while    select hierarchyTreeTablePre  where hierarchyTreeTablePre.HierarchyId  == ‘EWIG-00032’    {        smmActivitiesPre  = smmActivities::findWithRecId(hierarchyTreeTablePre.RefRecId);        psaActivitySetupPre = PSAActivitySetup::findActivityNumber(smmActivitiesPre.ActivityNumber);  […]