Dequeue all the workflow jobs in AX 2012

// To dequeue all the workflow for workflow performance static void DequeueWorkFlow(Args _args){SysWorkflowMessageTable     SysWorkflowMessageTable;    ttsBegin;    while select forUpdate SysWorkflowMessageTable where SysWorkflowMessageTable.MessageLifeCycleState !=2         {            SysWorkflowMessageTable.MessageLifeCycleState =2;            SysWorkflowMessageTable.update();    }    ttsCommit;} Regards,

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 = AX + CRM

Hi All, As we will know that AX 7 is rocking the market but soon that too will replaced by next upcoming product Microsoft Dynamics 365 and that merges the CRM and AX. In my next post you will find  AX 7 Vs AX 2012 R3 technical / developer side changes. REF : More […]

The System Exception Handler in AX 2012

Hi, An Exception can be handed in AX 2012 by try, catch, retry, throw whereas there is no Finally here. Once you defined try but there is not catch handling for specified error that will be handled by system itself. but we cannot trace out the error. In this cases AX system gives an opportunity […]

SQL Server 2014 build versions

SQL Server 2014 build versions This article lists the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 builds that were released after SQL Server 2014 was released. SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and cumulative update (CU) builds Cumulative update name Build version Knowledge Base number SQL Server 2014 SP1 CU6 12.0.4449.0 (latest build) KB3144524  SQL Server 2014 […]

The user or group name ‘DmainNameUserId’ is not recognized in AX 2012 R3

Hi, When  you restore the AOS database from 1 environment to another where there is no relation of domain or user then you will encounter above mentioned error nduring report server validation / creation of folder / making default. Reason: Existence of records of parent server in the table SysServerSessions.  though you added the new […]

The internal time zone version number stored in the database is higher than the version supported by the kernel (8/7). Use a newer Microsoft Dynamics AX kernel

Hi, This is the error which arrives when you start the service after restoring the database from DB to this concern DB.This is due to mismatch of the time zone in the AX system. This error can be noticed only in the event log. Resolution: Open SQL ‘SQLSystemVariables’ table and edit the record in ‘SYSTIMEZONEVERSION’ column […]

SQL Server 2014 installation Reporting Services Catalog error

Hi, ERROR: Reporting Services Catalog Database File Existence or  Reporting Services Catalog Temporary Database File Existence. Cause : Earlier installed SQL instance leaves the reporting service files which are all in *.mdf file format stops to recreate. Solution : Needs to delete those files which are all present in the below mentioned location. ‘C:Program FilesMicrosoft […]

Task recorder in AX 2012

Hi, 1. Open  AX application (Run as administrator),2. File > Tools > Task recorder. 3. In that Opened task recorded we can start clicking on  start arrow (symbol) to start the recordingbut before that we need to set the location for saving the records,4. Open the parameters 5. Once you complete above step automatically it […]