How to get navigation path in Dynamic AX

Hi, Please note that there is no navigation path as I highlighted.   2.Go to concern menu and select particular menu.  3. Change the properties as Yes to IsDisplayedInContentArea 4.Then Look like this as per the menu position. Regards,

Data filtration in dialog box In Microsoft Dynamics AX

public class CustAmountCalculation extends RunBase{    DialogField fieldAccount;    CustAccount custAccount; }     public Object dialog(){     Dialog dialog;    DialogGroup groupCustomer;    dialog = super();    fieldAccount = dialog.addField(extendedTypeStr(custAccount), “CustomerAccount”);    return dialog;}     public boolean getFromDialog(){    custAccount = fieldAccount.value();    return super();}     public container pack(){    return […]

List of data validation methods on table level in Dynamic AX

The validation methods allow the programmer to verify that certain conditions are fulfilled before an action is executed.In Axapta, methods of validation at two levels can be programmed: 1.                  Table 2.                  Origin of data of a form It is important to know that the methods of validation of the tables are executed whenever they are […]

The SQL server reporting Service service is running -SSRS 2012

Solution for this error:  The deployment was cancelled because of an error: On the reporting server, |Verify that The SQL server reporting Service service is running Solution: 1. Check Local business connector is optimum/ correct.2. Check Domain business connector is optimum/ correct.3. Put increment CILNow deploy it will be deployed.Regards,

Adding image through external resource for Dynamic AX 2012

style=”background-color: white; color: #222222; font-size: 13px; line-height: 1.4;”>How to use resource files in Axapta In AOT, you can find resources node Select resources node and right click; select Create from File, specify the file location for the new resource file. After that you can use this resource file in Axapta without specifying an absolute file […]

To take complete back up of SQL in single code

DECLARE @name VARCHAR(100)DECLARE @path VARCHAR(256)DECLARE @fileName VARCHAR(256)DECLARE @fileDate VARCHAR(20)SET @path = ‘G:BACKUP’SELECT @fileDate = CONVERT(VARCHAR(20),GETDATE(),112) + ‘_’ +REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(20),GETDATE(),108),’:’,”)DECLARE db_cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT nameFROM master.dbo.sysdatabasesWHERE name NOT IN (‘master’,’model’,’msdb’,’tempdb’)OPEN db_cursorFETCH NEXT FROM db_cursor INTO @nameWHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0BEGINSET @fileName = @path + @name + ‘_’ + @fileDate + ‘.BAK’BACKUP DATABASE @name TO DISK = @fileNameFETCH NEXT […]

AX2012 R2 Retail installation, DB profile, AOS profile and Commerce data syn service setups

Hi, 2 R2  We need to understand the modify architecture of Ax2012 R2 retail.  Main Components 1.Retail Headquarters. 2.Commerce Data Exchange: Real-time Service (previously known as transaction service in Ax2009) 3.Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service.(previously known as Store connect in ax2009) 4.Retail POS. 5. Helping Component to do the configurati1.Retail store database utility. 1. Architecture […]

Job / class /code to import the CSV / Excel file in to Vendor table in Dynamic AX 2012

Hi,1.Prepare the CSV (If it was excel convert ti CSV)  file containing following fields in same order as belowaccount EnglishName English SearchName Invoice account VendorGroup Terms of payment Currency One-time supplier Country/region Delivery terms Mode of delivery Misc. charges group Buyer group 2. Create a class using below codes and just run by using |> run button or F5 /**********************************************/public class VendorMasterImport extends RunBase{    CommaIo       […]

Code / job to import CSV / Excel to CustTable in Dynamic AX 2012

1.Prepare the CSV (If it was excel convert ti CSV)  file containing following fields in same order as belowCustomer account English Name English Search Name Invoice account Customer group Terms of payment Currency One-time customer Country/region Delivery terms Mode of delivery Misc. charges group Language 2. Create a class using below codes and just run […]

Creating & Using the find() methods in Dynamic AX 2012

Hi,1. Create a table,2. Use the 2 EDTs and make it one as index as unique by property AllowDuplicates : NO3. Create a find method in the table using below code and patten static TableName find(UsedEDT _UsedEDT ,                       boolean          _forUpdate = false,    […]

Vertical splitter in forms (Dynamic AX 2012)

Hi, 1. Create a group inside the main groupnote: between the two groups 2. In property window of that groupAutodeclaration  :YesStyle  : SplitterVerticalContainer 3.In the class declaration of that form use below codepublic class FormRun extends ObjectRun{    SysFormSplitter_X    m_vSplitter;} 4. In the init method of the form use below code pattern public void init(){  […]

Display message when empty report “No data found in SSRS”

Hi, In the property window os Visual studio (SSRS) check ‘NoRowsMessage’ property for tablix. You can set this property to show a custom message when no row is returned. NORowsMessage = “No data available for current filter selection” //user defined msg that is to be displayed You can also specify the specific font style like […]