Validating two date fields in Dynamic AX


1.Create two fields as UtcDateTimeEdit of table TableName
2.Name it InTime and OutTime.
3.In the init() of that datasource or form depends on requirements.

    TableName.InTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime();
    TableName.OutTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime();
//here making the system date and time to the that field.

3.Override the modified method by modified each of the fields.

public boolean modified()
    boolean ret;

    ret = super();

    if(SMAServiceOrderTable.InTime > SMAServiceOrderTable.OutTime)
        warning(“In time cannot be greater than Out time”);
        SMAServiceOrderTable.InTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime();
        SMAServiceOrderTable.OutTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime();

    return ret;

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