update_recordset , insert_recordset, Delete records and select record of SQL in Dynamic AX 2012

//Select query in Dynamic AX 2012
 MyTable myTableBuffer;
Select myTableBuffer
where field1 == 0;
//use while select for multiple select
// Update query in Dynamic AX 2012
MyTable myTableBuffer;
update_recordset myTableBuffer
    field1 = 1,
    field2 = fieldX + fieldY
where field1 == 0;
//Delete query in Dynamic AX 2012
static void DeleteMultiRow1aJob(Args _args)
    MyWidgetTable tabWidget;
    delete_from tabWidget
        where tabWidget .quantity <= 100;
// Insert query in Dynamic AX 2012
insert_recordset myTable (Field1, Field2)
    Field1= “QWERTyuioP”
Field2 = “ASDFghjkl” ;

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