Set the SharePoint authentication provider for EP


This is applicable to change for the version of sharepoints used,

1.     Ensure that the web.config contains the appropriate configuration information when compared to the web applications settings.
2.     Check the web application settings:
o    Navigate to Central Administration – Application Management – Manage web applications.
o    Select the web application in question
o    Click on the ‘Authentication Providers’ link from the ribbon
o    Choose the appropriate zone for the web application
o    The dialog box will display the type of membership provider (Windows or Claims-Based Authentication).
o    Record the name of membership provider for the specific zone in the ‘Authentication Provider’ dialog box.
3.     Locate the web.config file for the web application:
4.     Typically the web.config file is stored at C:inetpubwwwrootwssVirtualDirectoriesPort_Number
5.     Verify the following section in the web.config file
6.  <configuration>
7.      <system.web>
8.        <authentication mode=”” />
9.     </system.web>
10.   If the membership provider name is Windows, then authentication mode should be set to “Windows”.
11.   If the membership provider is Claims-based authentication, then the authentication mode should be set to “Forms”.


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