Print management in AX 2012


There are 2 set of tables associated to Print management
1. Default
2 Print management design.

1. Default will be called by classPrintMgmtDocTypemethodsgetDefaultReportFormat where as we can change this values in form setup form level.

2. For Print management on customized design called by
Tables – PrintMgmtReportFormatMethodspopulate

addOther(PrintMgmtDocumentType::SalesOrderPackingSlip, ssrsReportStr(SalesPackingSlip, ReportUD), ssrsReportStr(SalesPackingSlip, ReportInternational), #NoCountryRegionId);

Here ReportInternational is my design name.

Then run the populate method will create a record in PrintMgmtReportFormat with your new design as same document type that you mentioned in the above added code.

if you want change this design as default please change by manual in Form setup (of concern module) print management.

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