Often using CMD(Command prompt) code


dir /s /b /o:gn


XCOPY  C:*.*  D:NewFolder   /S
//XCOPY makes the file copy from C: drive to D:newFolder

dir  – list out directory list

dir *.exe
dir *.txt *.doc
dir /ad – List only the directories in the current directory.
dir /s – Lists the files in the directory that you are in and all sub directories after that directory,
dir /p – If the directory has a lot of files and you cannot read all the files as they scroll by – veritical
dir /w –  Horizontal view of dir
dir /s /w /p
dir /on – dir in sort by alphabet
dir /o-n dir in reverece order
dir /s |find “i” |more – list all directories on the hard drive, one screen page at a time, and see the number of files in each directory and the amount of space each occupies.
dir > myfile.txt Takes the output of dir and re-routes it to the file myfile.txt instead of outputting it to the screen.


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