Let us move to cloud (Private) – Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server


I started my post on AX 2009 now I plan to update to technology as AX 7 & Clouds. When I started to work on cloud I just amazed on the surfing and working over cloud, Ho I hope I’m flying inside the cloud.

Microsoft finds a new way to deliver a private cloud in a box

Windows Azure Services for Windows Server is a set of select features that originally debuted as part of Windows Azure which Microsoft made available to its service providers. The core set of technologies in this were hosted Linux and Windows Server virtual machines; support for high-density Web sites (the complement of Windows Azure Web Sites, codenamed “Antares”); Service Management Portal; and a Service Management application programming interface (codenamed Katal).

 The components in the Azure Pack include a management portal; service management programming interface; a Web sites service; a virtual machines service; and service bus support.
Download the application in below link.
Microsoft page for web site description of the new Azure Pack.
Download the Windows Azure Pack datasheet.
Technet page use below link.
Video on recent Cloud Azure:
Please wait for my next post for cloud in public network.


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