Joining a table in datasource without adding the table in to the form data source in AX 2012


In my case I needs to add the purchTable as range but I dont want to add the table in that form datasource.

I added the below code in the PurchLine init().

public void init()
    Query                   query = new Query();
    QueryBuildDataSource    purchTableDS,purchLineDS;
    QueryBuildRange         activityNum,purchStatus;
    ProjBudgetLine          projBudgetLine;
    Query                   queryDB;
    QueryBuildDataSource        qbdsPurchLine;
    QueryBuildDataSource        qbdsPurchTable;
    projBudgetLine  =   element.args().record();
    qbdsPurchLine = this.query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(PurchLine));
    qbdsPurchLine.addRange(fieldnum(PurchLine, ActivityNumber)).value(queryvalue(projBudgetLine.ActivityNumber));

    qbdsPurchTable = qbdsPurchLine.addDataSource(tableNum(PurchTable));
    qbdsPurchTable.addLink(fieldNum(PurchTable, PurchId), fieldNum(PurchLine, PurchId));
    qbdsPurchTable.addRange(fieldnum(PurchTable, DocumentStatus)).value(queryValue(DocumentStatus::PurchaseOrder));


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