Jobs to export CSV from D365


class DpayExportCSV


/// <summary>

/// Runs the class with the specified arguments.

/// </summary>

/// <param name = “_args”>The specified arguments.</param>

public static void main(Args _args)


CommaStreamIo commaStreamIo = CommaStreamIo::constructForWrite();

SalesTable       SalesTable;

SalesLine       SalesLine;

FilePath  tempDir = “C:\Temp\SalesTable.csv”;

// #define.filename(@’C:TempSalesTable.csv’)


const str fileName = ‘SalesTable.csv’;

commaStreamIo.writeExp([‘Level’, ‘SalesId’, ‘CustAccount’,’DlvTerm’]); // Header

while select * from SalesTable


commaStreamIo.writeExp([‘OH’, SalesTable.SalesId, SalesTable.CustAccount,SalesTable.DlvTerm]);

while select SalesLine where SalesLine.SalesId ==  SalesTable.SalesId


commaStreamIo.writeExp([‘OL’, SalesLine.ItemId, SalesLine.SalesQty, SalesLine.InventDimId]);

//// You may further add your componbenets table below to this within this loop



System.IO.Stream stream = commaStreamIo.getStream();

stream.Position = 0;

FileUploadTemporaryStorageResult result = File::SendFileToTempStore_GetResult(stream, fileName);

// System.IO.File::Move(result.getFileName(),tempDir);

System.IO.StreamReader sReader = new System.IO.StreamReader(result.openResult());

// Set file contentn string

str  fileContent = sReader.ReadToEnd();


// Save file

File::SendStringAsFileToUser(fileContent, tempDir);

//  File::SendFileToTempStore(stream,”\C:\Temp\SalesTable.csv”);


Message::Add(MessageSeverity::Informational, result.getDownloadUrl());





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