Error: Parameter _reportName cannot be null or empty. SSRS in Dynamic AX


“Parameter _reportName cannot be null or empty.”
The AssetBasisRdlContract.getAttributes() reflection API could not create and return the SrsReportNameAttribute object. Please check the parameters.”
This error will be prompted on opening any reports / it can be standard or customized.
 Need to compile class AssetBasisRdlContract
 If compile some time it may again show some other class again so it will chain.
permanent solution is full compilation of all the class(standard).


3 Responses

  1. In this specific case it looks like an earlier full compile did not finish.

    If you encounter this problem I would suggest that you first compile the class mentioned in the error message and see if this solves the problem. Then you should schedule for a new full compile of the application.

  2. Ya I agree,
    If you compile that particular class then it point to another class, I faced trice later i made compile forward. Still it persist, that's why I directly mentioned for full compilation.

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

  3. Ensure yourself that everything has been compiled and deployed without errors.

    Also, check whether there is SrsReportNameAttribute in AssetBasisRdlContract class and whether it points to an existing report (it's AssetBasis.Report by default).

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