Display message when empty report “No data found in SSRS”

In the property window os Visual studio (SSRS) check ‘NoRowsMessage’ property for tablix. You can set this property to show a custom message when no row is returned.

NORowsMessage = “No data available for current filter selection” //user defined msg that is to be displayed
You can also specify the specific font style like size, color, format etc.

Add a text box with expression =IIF(Count(<SomeId Field>,”DataSet1″)=0,”No Data Returned”, nothing)


set the visibility of this textbox as =IIF(Count(<SomeId Field>,”DataSet1″)=0,False,True)

In the table header (header fields), use expression for each of the column headers to Set the visibility to false so that the end user won’t be able to see the table header when there is no data.

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