Customization or complete development of Purchase order report in Dynamic AX 2012


DP – PurchPurchseOrderDP
Contract – PurchPurchaseOrderContract
Controller – PurchPurchaseOrderController.
Temporary Header table – PurchPurchaseOrderHeader
(Its not tempDB but the records will be deleted once the transaction completes)
Temporary lines table – PurchPurchaseOrderTmp

Details about DP and uses of main method

(Not all the method I explained only mandatory methods)
Method Description
setPurchPurchaseOrderDetails Inserts the record field data into the temporary table. (Here I added my customized line fields in to the table)
setPurchPurchaseOrderHeader Inserts common data into the template table buffer.

in lines table standard passes the values by 1 to 1 relation where as in header by insert_recordset technique fetching from PurchTable


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