Creating & Using the find() methods in Dynamic AX 2012

1. Create a table,
2. Use the 2 EDTs and make it one as index as unique by property AllowDuplicates : NO
3. Create a find method in the table using below code and patten

static TableName find(UsedEDT _UsedEDT ,
                       boolean          _forUpdate = false,
                       ConcurrencyModel _concurrencyModel = ConcurrencyModel::Auto)
    TableName  tableName ;

    if (_UsedEDT)
        if (_forUpdate)
            tableName .selectForUpdate  (_forUpdate);
            if (_concurrencyModel != ConcurrencyModel::Auto)
                tableName .concurrencyModel(_concurrencyModel);
        tableName .selectLocked     (_forUpdate);

        select firstonly tableName
            index hint UsedEDTIndex
            where tableName.UsedEDT == _UsedEDT ;

    return     tableName ;
/************************Using the find method **********************/
Using the display method with find() we can get that value by using below codes in the table.
display Name name()
    return TableName::find(this.UsedEDT).name();

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  1. Let's say that you
    How to use find method in Modified method in another table to copy the value from TableName.Name to Table2.Name after modifying field Table2.Code?

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