Container handling in Dynamic AX 2012

static void HandlingContainerJob(Args _args)
    container contain;
    int i;
    str containstr;
    contain = [“DataAt1stPosition”,”DataAt2ndPosition”]; //Data will be inserted at position 1 and 2
    contain = Conins(contain,3,”DataAt3rdtPosition”,”DataAt4thPosition”); // from 3rd position onward
    contain = conins(contain,5,”DataAt5thPosition”); // now the data inserted in 5th position
    //or use this technique
    info (strFmt(“Length of the container: %1”, conLen(contain)));
    for (i=1; i <= conLen(contain); i++)
        info (strFmt(“container value %1 is %2”, i, conPeek(contain, i)));
    //containstr =  con2Str(contain);
    // use to pass from one form to another then again str2con() retrive in container format
        Condel – Use condel to delete one or more items from a container.
        Confind – Use confind to locate a sequence of items in a container.
        Conins – Use conins to insert some items into a container.
        Conlen – Use conlen to find out how many items there are in a container.
        Connull – Use connull to explicitly dispose of the contents of a container.
        Conpeek – Use conpeek to extract an item from a container, and to convert it into another data type, if necessary.
        Conpoke – Use conpoke to replace (poke) an item in a container.


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