Binding operation failed to allocate buffer space – Dynamic AX 2012

Hi, QueryRun and Query Objects – Binding operation failed to allocate buffer space So if you ever work with the QueryRun and Query objects within X++, and I mean work with them a lot. You might come across an issue. If for some reason, your start to see the following in thrown errors or in […]

To take complete back up of SQL in single code

DECLARE @name VARCHAR(100)DECLARE @path VARCHAR(256)DECLARE @fileName VARCHAR(256)DECLARE @fileDate VARCHAR(20)SET @path = ‘G:BACKUP’SELECT @fileDate = CONVERT(VARCHAR(20),GETDATE(),112) + ‘_’ +REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(20),GETDATE(),108),’:’,”)DECLARE db_cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT nameFROM master.dbo.sysdatabasesWHERE name NOT IN (‘master’,’model’,’msdb’,’tempdb’)OPEN db_cursorFETCH NEXT FROM db_cursor INTO @nameWHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0BEGINSET @fileName = @path + @name + ‘_’ + @fileDate + ‘.BAK’BACKUP DATABASE @name TO DISK = @fileNameFETCH NEXT […]

AX2012 R2 Retail installation, DB profile, AOS profile and Commerce data syn service setups

Hi, 2 R2  We need to understand the modify architecture of Ax2012 R2 retail.  Main Components 1.Retail Headquarters. 2.Commerce Data Exchange: Real-time Service (previously known as transaction service in Ax2009) 3.Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service.(previously known as Store connect in ax2009) 4.Retail POS. 5. Helping Component to do the configurati1.Retail store database utility. 1. Architecture […]

Installation of Help Server AX2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX Help is a client and server based system that distributes and displays documentation. 1.       The Help client is the Help viewer application that requests and displays documentation and gets installed with the Microsoft Dynamics AX client application. 2.       The Help server responds to the Help viewer request for documentation. In addition, the […]

Unable to find appropriate service endpoint information in the configuration object + An error occurred during setup of Reporting Services extensions.

Error:  “An occurred during setup of Reporting Services extensions. Reason: Unable to find appropriate service endpoint information in the configuration object”   Reason: BIServices port is not deployed. Resolution: ü  Activate inbound ports BIServices (System Administration > Setup > Services and AIF > Inbound ports) ü  Delete the WCFCONFIG entry in registry under the Dynamics AX current user hive key (HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftDynamics6.0ConfigurationOrig) ü  Restart the […]

Static query creation in Dynamic AX

Hi, Static Query: 1.1.Create new query 1.2.Drop parent table in the data source; drop the range – field 1.3.Drop child table in the datasource of parent table; drop the range – field 1.4.Change Relations property to Yes in child table. 1.5.If you expand the Relations node you will find auto populated relation. Regards,

Map in AX

Hi, Create a class and 4 methods as follows depicts example of map in AX public class CreateCountryCountMap { Map countryMap; } private void searchCustomers() { CustTable custTable; Counter cnt; LogisticsAddressCountryRegionId countryId; LogisticsAddressCountryRegionName countryName; countryMap = new Map(Types::String, Types::Integer); while select custTable { countryId = custTable.postalAddress().CountryRegionId; countryName = LogisticsAddressCountryRegion::find(countryId).displayName( ); cnt = 0; if (countryMap.exists(countryName)) […]

ForceLiterals & ForcePlaceholders in AX

Hi,   When you use forceliterals keywords in Axapta, Axapta will issue SQL statements directly to the database as text string. SELECT forceLiterals * FROM purchTable WHERE purchId == ‘EN00009’ ; In SQL server, it will be: SELECT A.VALUE, A.MODIFIEDTIME, A.CREATEDTIME, A.RECID FROM HINTTABLE A(NOLOCK) WHERE (PURCHID=”EN00009″) OPTION(FAST 47) Conversely, using ForcePlaceHolders in Axapta, Axapta […]

Select Statement Syntax for AX

SelectStatement = select Parameters Parameters [ [ FindOptions ] [ FieldList from ] ] TableBufferVariable [ IndexClause ]  [ Options ] [ WhereClause ] [ JoinClause ] FindOptions = crossCompany | reverse | firstFast | [ firstOnly | firstOnly10 | firstOnly100  | firstOnly1000 ] | forUpdate | noFetch | [forcePlaceholders | forceLiterals] |forceselectorder | forceNestedLoop  | repeatableRead FieldList = Field { , Field } | * Field = Aggregate ( FieldIdentifier ) | FieldIdentifier Aggregate = sum | avg | minof | maxof | count Options = [ order by , group by , FieldIdentifier [ asc | desc ] { , FieldIdentifier [ asc | desc ] }] | [ IndexClause ] IndexClause = index IndexName | index hint IndexName WhereClause = where Expression JoinClause = [exists | notexists | outer ] join Parameters Keywords Used […]


The following table describes the application object layers in Microsoft Dynamics AX: Layer Description USR The user layer is for user modifications, such as reports. CUS The customer layer is for modifications that are specific to a company. VAR Value Added Resellers (VAR) can make modifications or new developments to the VAR layer as specified […]

Shortcut keys in AX

Use the Help window   To do this Press Display the Help window. F1 Close the Help window. ALT+F4 Print the current Help topic. CTRL + P In a table of contents, select the next and previous item, respectively. DOWN ARROW and UP ARROW In a table of contents, expand and collapse the selected item, […]

How to delete a label file in Dynamics AX 2012

Hi, In this post we will look at how can we delete a label file in Dynamics AX 2012.Labels are no longer a file system like we had in 2009. We now have a new node in AOT – Label Files.If you search in your application folder, you wont find the label file there.The application […]