Error message: “No .NET Business Connector session found”

Hi, This error is not meant that to increase the session time out span its because of the user list not having previlage to access. The .NET Business Connector is not configured correctly for the IIS and SharePoint Windows groups. For the procedure to add the Business Connector to the appropriate groupRegards,

“The Application Integration Framework doesn’t work” in Dynamic AX 2012 for EP

Hi, EP will be sucessfully installed but it throw the error.  “the Application Integration Framework doesn’t work”  Application Integration Framework (AIF) to run on the same computer as Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Enterprise Portal, the virtual directory that AIF is using must be excluded from the SharePoint managed path. Open the SharePoint Central Administration page […]

Error message: “The Web site http://server/sites/site_name was not created correctly. Exception: No .NET Business Connector session could be found.”

Hi, This is because of  Business Connector configuration.So it might not be configured correctly. To verify the configuration, follow this procedure: On the server that runs IIS and hosts your Enterprise Portal site, click Start > Administrative Tools > Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration Utility. In the Configuration target list, click Business Connector (non-interactive use only). On the Connection tab, verify the server name and the TCP/IP […]

Error message: “Cannot add the specified assembly to the global assembly cache” or “w3wp.exe unhandled exception (System.UnauthorizedAccess

Hi,   The Business Connector proxy account might not have the appropriate permissions on the server to allow access. The Business Connector proxy must: Be a user in Active Directory. Be a member of the Power Users, IIS_WPG, STS_WPG, and the Performance Monitor Windows groups on the server that runs IIS and hosts Enterprise Portal Create a user with domain […]

Set the SharePoint authentication provider for EP

Hi, This is applicable to change for the version of sharepoints used,‘ 1.     Ensure that the web.config contains the appropriate configuration information when compared to the web applications settings. 2.     Check the web application settings: o    Navigate to Central Administration – Application Management – Manage web applications. o    Select the web application in question o    […]

Database does not have a valid owner – SQL restore error

Hi, “Database diagram support object cannot be installed because this database does not have a valid owner”. You may get this error while restoring the database from external source (in *.bak format). Solution: Right click on the database properties in the permission tab select grand privilege to all( tick the check box). now error free […]