RandomNumbers In AX /D365


static void CreateRandomNumbersInAX(Args _args)


    RandomGenerate randomGenerate;


    randomGenerate = RandomGenerate::construct();

    randomGenerate.parmSeed(new Random().nextInt());

    info(int2str(RandomGenerate.randomInt(0,2147483647)));   //RandomInt(RangeFrom,RangeTo)

    //Note: Range from should be more than natural number 0 and more.


GUID in AX 2012 / D365

 //< What is GUID>

// GUID 16 bit large range of alphanumeric similar to RecID to treat as primary key of a table.

static void CreateGUIDInAX(Args _args)

    str 60 strGuid;


    info(Winapi::createGUID());         // Creates GUID and removes the braces

    info(guid2str(newGuid()));           // Creates GUID with braces

    //NOTE: GUID is not a string so we needs to convert GUID to str for using…