Look up date and calendar in AX

Hi, void lookup(){    ProjPeriodId    projPeriodId = DNGRMParameter::find().PeriodId;    ProjPeriodTo    projPeriodTo;    ProjControlPeriod  projControlPeriod = new ProjControlPeriod();   // projControlPeriod = element.args().caller().runbase();    //if (!projControlPeriod.parmPeriodic())    //{        //if (this.dateValue())        //{            //projPeriodTo = this.dateValue();        //}        //else      […]

Code to call Number sequence in AX 2012

Hi, // You may use in initValue of the table or datasource or for insert the records using the codes.NumberSeq numberSeq;numberSeq = NumberSeq::newGetNum(DpayHRM::EdtName());print  num.num(); // instead of print you may assign to the table. Regards,

Code to run the report in clicked method of the button in AX

Hi, void clicked() {     Args            args;     ReportRun       reportRun;     NSGEosTransactions  esotransactions;     ;      select esotransactions where esotransactions.EosTransId == NSGEosTransactions.EosTransId;     args    = new args();     args.name(reportstr(NSG_EOSReport)); // Report name     args.record(esotransactions);      args.parm(NSGEosTransactions.EosTransId); // Parameter value that I passes.     reportRun = classFactory.reportRunClass(args);     reportRun.init();     reportRun.run(); } Regards,