EcoResValue, EcoResAttribute with Item Id relation in AX

Hi, static void AlfasithGetProductAttributes(Args _args){    inventTable                 InventTable;    EcoResProductAttributeValue ecoResProductAttributeValue;    EcoResAttribute             ecoResAttribute;    EcoResValue                 ecoResValue;    EcoResTextValue             ecoResTextValue;     InventTable = InventTable::find(‘1604’);    while […]

Set handling in AX

Hi, static void AlfasithSet(Args _args){Set set = new Set(Types::String);;set.add(“Alfasith”);set.add(“Dynamic”);set.add(“AX”);print set.toString(); //{“Alfasith”, “Dynamic”,”AX”}print set.elements(); //3print“ERP”);    //it return false because EPR is not there in that setprint“AX”);    //it return true AX is present in that setpause;}//Duplicate value insertion will not be considered…to iterate that inserted values.     InventJournalTrans       inventJournalTrans;  […]

Main account and dimension relation in AX

Hi, static void AlfasithMainAccDimRel(Args _args) {    MainAccount     mainAccount;    DimensionAttributeValueCombination  dimensionAttributeValueCombination;     select mainAccount where mainAccount.MainAccountId == “140250”                        &&  mainAccount.LedgerChartOfAccounts == LedgerChartOfAccounts::current();      select dimensionAttributeValueCombination where dimensionAttributeValueCombination.MainAccount == mainAccount.RecId;    print dimensionAttributeValueCombination.RecId ;     pause;} Regards,

Worker and his financial dimension relation in AX

Hi, static void ListOutAllWorkerWithDim(Args _args){    Counter                                               i;    HcmWorker                           hcmWorker;    HcmEmployment             […]