Basic RunBaseClass and debugger flow in Dynamic AX

Hi, 1.Main class for declaration of fields. class CustCreateRunBaseClass extends RunBase{    DialogField fieldAccount;    DialogField fieldName;    DialogField fieldGroup;    DialogField fieldCurrency;    DialogField fieldPaymTermId;    DialogField fieldPaymMode;    CustAccount custAccount;    CustName custName;    CustGroupId custGroupId;    CurrencyCode currencyCode;    CustPaymTermId paymTermId;    CustPaymMode paymMode;} 2. Main class – Code starts from here.public […]

To duplicate a record in the same table in Dynamic AX

Hi, static void ToDuplicate1RecordIntoSameTable(Args _args){MyTable MyTable1;MyTable MyTable2;MyTable1 = myTable::find(‘0000526’);ttsBegin;;MyTable2.HcmPersonnelNumberId = ‘000555’; // Index fileds needs to changed else it throws errorif (!MyTable2.validateWrite()){    throw Exception::Error;}MyTable2.insert();ttsCommit;    info(“Duplicate record inserted”);} Regards,