To get enum value from the enum field in Dynamic AX

void ToGetEnumFromValue(Args _args){    ABC ABC;    str val = “B”;    int m;    //m = enum2int(str2enum(ABC,val));    //print enum2int(str2enum(ABC,val));    print enum2str(str2enum(ABC,val));    pause;}

Look up filter using enum value in Dynamic AX

Hi, void lookupJobId(FormControl control){    Query                   query = new Query();    QueryBuildDataSource    queryBuildDataSource;    QueryBuildRange         queryBuildRange;    SysTableLookup          sysTableLookup;    ;     //Create an instance of SysTableLookup with the form control passed in    sysTableLookup = […]

Upload image in to form / Application photo in Dynamic Ax

Hi, // Use this below code in clicked method for your button placed in form.str filename;FileNameFilter filter = [‘JPG files’,’*.jpg’];Bindata binData;Image signatureImage = new Image(); super(); filename = Winapi::getOpenFileName(element.hWnd(), filter, ”, “Upload your image”, ”, ”); binData = new BinData(); if (binData.loadFile(filename)){    signatureImage = binData.getData();    WindowField.image(signatureImage); // WindowField – is the window field […]

To get current User name in Dynamic AX

Hi, print xUserInfo::find().id;   print xUserInfo::find().name;   pause; Note: if it print ADMIN nothing to worry, because it printing your exact id only. this will be Admin when you,  working on domain project / project in domain instance this will print current user perfectly. Regards,

SQL tutorial for X++ / Dynamic AX

Hi,SQL tutorial for AX buds. SELECT – extracts data from a database UPDATE – updates data in a database DELETE – deletes data from a database INSERT INTO – inserts new data into a database CREATE DATABASE – creates a new database ALTER DATABASE – modifies a database CREATE TABLE – creates a new table […]