Job to check the table before insert in to that concern table for the existence in Dynamic AX

Hi, static void AlfasithCode2CheckB4Insert(Args _args){container contain;    str 30 Name;     int i;    ContanerTable   ContanerTableLoc;    contain = [“Ram”,”Sam”,”Mam”,”Kamal”,”Ram”,”Raja”,”Rani”,”Kamal”];    for(i = 1; i <= conLen(contain) ;i++)    {        name = conPeek(contain,i);    select ContanerTableLoc where ContanerTableLoc.Names == name;            if(!ContanerTableLoc)          […]

Job to release the product for current legal entity in Dynamic AX

Hi, static void ReleaseProductAlfasith(Args _args){    EcoResProductVariantCreationMgr ProductVariantCreationMgr;    _args = new Args();    _args.record(EcoResProduct::findByProductNumber(“000149_202”));    ProductVariantCreationMgr  = EcoResProductVariantCreationMgr::newFromArgs(_args);    ProductVariantCreationMgr.parmCalledFromJob(true);    ProductVariantCreationMgr.buildVariantSuggestions();;    info(“Item Sucessfully released”);} Regards,