Delete actions are used in Dynamic AX

Hi, Meaning: If you are deleting a record in the master table , how should it react if it has got transaction records 4 type of delete actions None – IT WILL DELETE MASTER RECORDS AND WILL NOT DELETE CHILD RECORDS Cascade – IT WILL FIRST DELETE THE CHILD RECORDS AND COME BACK AND DELETES […]

Standard data type & Composite data types in dynami AX

Hi, DataType AX – Primitive and composite primitive: 1) int [32]2) int 64 – long int [ credit card numbers, debit card numbers]3) real – decimal points example : 12346.00 [12 digits]4) str  – sequence of characters [ lengTH – 10] 5) Base Enums: enumerations [ fixed set of constants/literals]   – constant – will […]

Code to create general journal in Dynamic AX

Hi, static void CreateGLJournal(Args _args){    AxLedgerJournalTable journalTable;    AxLedgerJournalTrans journalTrans;    DimensionDynamicAccount     offsetDimensions, bankaccount;    DNIPMIPParameters   parameters;    dimensionStorage    dimensionStorage;    LedgerAccountContract   ledgerAccountContract;    DimensionValue  dimvalue;    LedgerDimensionAccount dimaccount, ledgeracc;    LedgerJournalTable  ledgerJournalTable;    LedgerJournalTrans  ledgerJournalTrans;    DNIPMPfInvestmentLines  DNIPMPfInvestmentLines;    DNIPMPfInvesmentTable   table;   // “??CEU-000025”;    int i;    […]

Adding indicators to the table in Dynamic AX

Hi, display ImageRes showIndicatorImage(){    #resAppl     int ret;    ;    ret = 0;//By Alfasith for the requirement of red and green indicator    if (this.ExpiryDate > systemDateGet() )//  == AnotherTable::find(this.ForeignKeyField).MyField)        ret = #ImageAgingPeriod2_small;   else        ret = #ImageAgingPeriod5_small;     return ret;} Regards,

Generate random password in Dynamic AX

Hi, Just like OTP (one time password) for email this below code generates for alphabet. static void Generate_Password_Random() {     int i;     RandomGenerate random = new RandomGenerate();     str password;     int passwordLength = 8;     ;      for (i=1; i<= max(2, passwordLength); i++)     {         if (i mod 2)    […]

Code to get the line no to grid in Dynamic AX

Hi, use below code in the create method of the form in data source level.  select maxOf(SequenceNumber) from dNPhaseLoc where dNPhaseLoc.DNModularID == DNModule.DNModularID; if(DNPhase)      DNPhase.SequenceNumber = dNPhaseLoc.SequenceNumber +1;  else        DNPhase.SequenceNumber = 1; //Just add SequenceNumber as interger field for your table with reference to header datasoure record you need to use […]

Code to call number sequence in Dynamic AX

Hi, NumberSeq   num;num = NumberSeq::newGetNum(DNAxaptaModule::ModularID());//DNAxaptaModule is the table that number seq presentsAxaptaModule.DNModularID  = num.num();//AxaptaModule is the local variable for the same above table Regards,

Import license for Dynamic AX

Hi, 1. Click Administration > Setup > System > License information.2. Click Load license file to import the license codes from a file. The Load license file dialog box appears.3. Click the folder icon and browse for your license file.4. Click OK. The Configuration dialog box appears and you are asked if you want to […]