Data filtration in dialog box In Microsoft Dynamics AX

public class CustAmountCalculation extends RunBase{    DialogField fieldAccount;    CustAccount custAccount; }     public Object dialog(){     Dialog dialog;    DialogGroup groupCustomer;    dialog = super();    fieldAccount = dialog.addField(extendedTypeStr(custAccount), “CustomerAccount”);    return dialog;}     public boolean getFromDialog(){    custAccount = fieldAccount.value();    return super();}     public container pack(){    return […]

List of data validation methods on table level in Dynamic AX

The validation methods allow the programmer to verify that certain conditions are fulfilled before an action is executed.In Axapta, methods of validation at two levels can be programmed: 1.                  Table 2.                  Origin of data of a form It is important to know that the methods of validation of the tables are executed whenever they are […]