Creating & Using the find() methods in Dynamic AX 2012

Hi,1. Create a table,2. Use the 2 EDTs and make it one as index as unique by property AllowDuplicates : NO3. Create a find method in the table using below code and patten static TableName find(UsedEDT _UsedEDT ,                       boolean          _forUpdate = false,    […]

Vertical splitter in forms (Dynamic AX 2012)

Hi, 1. Create a group inside the main groupnote: between the two groups 2. In property window of that groupAutodeclaration  :YesStyle  : SplitterVerticalContainer 3.In the class declaration of that form use below codepublic class FormRun extends ObjectRun{    SysFormSplitter_X    m_vSplitter;} 4. In the init method of the form use below code pattern public void init(){  […]