Job to run the DP class in Dynamic AX

static void Job2runDP(Args _args){     TenantBalanceDetailsTmpTbl TenantBalanceDetailsTmpTbl; //temp table name    Query q;    TenantBalanceBuildingLevRDP dataProvider = new TenantBalanceBuildingLevRDP();//DP class name    TenantBalanceBuildingLevContract contract = new TenantBalanceBuildingLevContract();//contract class name    contract.parmNetBuildingId(‘CEU-000022’);//parameter that you passing in contract class    q = dataProvider.parmQuery();    dataProvider.parmDataContract(contract);    dataProvider.processReport();    TenantBalanceDetailsTmpTbl = dataProvider.getTenantBalanceDetailsTmpTbl();    while select TenantBalanceDetailsTmpTbl group […]

Company image in SSRS 2012

1. Create a field as Companyimg in the temp table2. In the properties of that field select the extended datatypes as “Bitmap”. use the below code to insertTmpTbl.Comapanyimg = CompanyImage::findByRecord(CompanyInfo::find()).Image;3. In Visual studio  right click insert image .a. Source : databaseb. field select the companyimgc. as bitmap format in format selection

Alternative color in SSRS 2012

Write in the expression in SSRS=iif(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, “White”, “WhiteSmoke”) or use =IIF(RunningValue(Fields!BuildingId.Value,COUNTDISTINCT,NOTHING) MOD 2 = 0,”WhiteSmoke”,”White”) //Here BuildingId is the group by value to have alternative color for every group.