lookup with joinning 2 tables in Dynamic AX

Implement this code in the lookup() method of the field where you need the lookup to be displayed. NS: The same code can be written in three places to achieve the lookup.1) Under AOT->Table->Method and cal this method from the form design where you want to display the lookup.2) Form->Datasource->Table->Field->method3) Form->Design->Field->Method. public void lookup(){Query query […]

Find methods() / inserting the values from one form where action is taking place is to be reflect in another form in Dynamic AX

Hi, public void modified() { SMAServiceObjectTable   smaServiceObjectTable; SMAServiceOrderTable    smaServiceOrderTable, smaServiceOrderTable1; //Tables I used here and smaServiceOrderTable1 will act as datasource that I added TableId                 loctableid; super(); loctableid = element.args().record().TableId; if (loctableid == tableNum(smaServiceOrderTable)) smaServiceOrderTable = element.args().record(); ttsBegin; //Updated by Alfasith- This to display in OrderFormTable […]

Validating two date fields in Dynamic AX

Hi, 1.Create two fields as UtcDateTimeEdit of table TableName2.Name it InTime and OutTime.3.In the init() of that datasource or form depends on requirements.     TableName.InTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime();    TableName.OutTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime();//here making the system date and time to the that field. 3.Override the modified method by modified each of the fields. public boolean modified(){    […]