Save the SSRS report as pdf or print it through code in Dynamic AX

Ax 2012 Reports (SSRS) Print UtilitiesThis article gives the examples, to print the reports of Dynamics Ax 2012 (SSRS Reports), in different ways.1)Sending the Ax report through mail.2)Save the report as file in local computer. (example covered to save the report as .pdf file)Mail the reportstatic void myJobPrintReportMail(Args _args){SrsReportRun             […]

UI Builder class in Dynamic AX

UI Builder class Today i will share how to give a filter lookup using an UI Builder class.                                                                             […]

RDP Class in Dynamic AX

Style 1. [SRSReportQueryAttribute (querystr(CustTableQry)),SRSReportParameterAttribute(classstr(CustContractClass))]class CustTableRDP extends SRSReportDataProviderBase{CustTableTmp custTableTmp;}*********************************[SysEntryPointAttribute(false)]public void processReport(){QueryRun             queryRun;Query                query;CustTable            custTable;CustContractClass    CustContractClass;AccountNum           accountNum;QueryBuildDataSource queryBuildDataSource;QueryBuildRange     queryBuildRange;query = this.parmQuery();   CustContractClass = this.parmDataContract() as CustContractClass;accountNum = CustContractClass.parmAccountNum();// Add parameters to […]

Controller Class in Dynamic AX

Controller Class public static CustController construct(Args _args) {     CustController controller=newCustController();     controller.parmArgs(_args);     return controller; } /**********************************************************************/ public static voidmain(Args _args) {     CustController controller = newCustController();     controller.parmReportName(#ReportName);     controller.parmArgs(_args);     controller.setRange(_args, controller.parmReportContract().parmQueryContracts().lookup(controller.getFirstQueryContractKey()));     controller.parmShowDialog(false);     controller.startOperation();  } /****************************************************/ public boolean showQueryValues(str parameterName) {     return true; } /*****************************************************/ public void setRange(Args _args, […]

Contract Class in Dynamic AX

Contract Class class SRSRDPCustTableContractClass{AccountNum accountNum;}______________________________________________Add one more parm method to it as shown below  [DataMemberAttribute(“AccountNum”)]public AccountNum parmAccountNum(AccountNum _accountNum = accountNum){accountNum = _accountNum;return accountNum;}

Simple UI Builder Class in Dynamic AX

This UI Builder class is simple class with less code and less effort. UI Builder Class is needed when you want to customize your dialog which pop ups when you open a Report. UI Builder Class helps you to add run time lookups and other controls on the dialog form. Step1 : Your Class must extends […]