SSRS Reports using DP Class in Dynamic AX

/***********************Class declaration****************************/ /// <summary> ///    Declares variables and tables for the <c>AssetBookCompare</c> report. /// </summary> [ SRSReportQueryAttribute(querystr(CustReport))//, //  SRSReportParameterAttribute(classstr(AssetBookCompareContract)) ] public class CustReportClassDP extends SRSReportDataProviderBase { TmpCustTbl TmpCustTbl; } /********************** GetTempData*****************************/ [ SrsReportDataSetAttribute(tablestr(TmpCustTbl)) ] public TmpCustTbl getTempData() { select TmpCustTbl; return TmpCustTbl; } /*******************insertTempData *********************************/ private void insertTempData() { CustTable CustTable; CustTrans CustTrans; TmpCustTbl.CurrencyCode […]

Sending email through Outlook in Dynamics AX

There are various ways by which we can send email in Dynamics AX. The code snippet shared here allows the user to send email through Microsoft Outlook using X++ code.The code is simple and easy to understand.     Description255             recipientEmail;     Notes           […]

How to select multiple selected values (records) from lookups in Dynamics AX

Hi, Today i m gonna discuss a concept that will often used in many situations.Somtimes there comes a situation in which we want to select multiple rows from lookups that is, we want to display multiple selected values based on the selection of rows from lookups. So this behaviour can easily be achieved using SysLookMultiSelectCtrl class. Steps […]

How to delete a label file in Dynamics AX 2012

Hi, In this post we will look at how can we delete a label file in Dynamics AX 2012.Labels are no longer a file system like we had in 2009. We now have a new node in AOT – Label Files.If you search in your application folder, you wont find the label file there.The application […]